What is Sealight?

Sealight has a format of an individual trail mountain biking stage event.

A two stages Mountain Bike raid event

Important information

Sealight Camí de Llum: Two stages (Cadaqués-Collioure 70 km) and (Collioure-Cadaqués 74 km)

Cadaqués – Collioure: One stage, 70 km.

Collioure- Cadaqués: One stage, 74 km

Banyuls -Collioure: Half stage, 30 km

Portbou – Cadaqués: Half stage, 40 km

Participants are subject at all times to the Highway Code since the route is opened to motorized traffic. In addition, they will have to respect every particular regulation from the land they go through.

They can coincide with pedestrians, cyclists or riders, and with cattle and animals. It is of maximum importance to respect at all time the rights of priority.

Participants are responsible for the fulfilment of this point and not to respect them can carry the direct disqualification on the part of the organization.

We ask you to be respectful with the environment, given some indications as to keep the packaging of energetic bars and gels, avoid skidding in curves and always driving on marked paths.

SEALIGHT it’s a 2 stages route and 150 km of distance and almost 4.500 meters of elevation accumulated.

1st Stage: Cadaqués – Collioure 70 km

2nd Stage:Collioure  – Cadaqués 74 km

Half Stage: Banyuls –Collioure  30 km

Half Stage: Portbou – Cadaqués 40 km

To follow the route, participants use GPS technology. Only in points of potential danger or that can be problematic, the organization can decide to place sign posts.


Friday 13th: 

– 15h – 20h Pick up numbers in Cadaqués ( Sala Art i Joia, located in the square Art i Joia of Cadaqués (Location))

– 19h Briefing

Saturday 14th:

– 10h Start from Cadaqués

– 10h Start from Banyuls

– 15h First riders arrival in Collioure

– Feed station with typical products

– Craftsmanship and typical products

Sunday 15th:

– Start from Collioure

– Start from Portbou

– First rider arrival in Cadaqués


SEALIGHT – CAMÍ DE LLUM registration entitles the participant to the following pack:

  • Track SEALIGHT 2017
  • Stage profiles and maps
  • Start number
  • Participation gift
  • Food stations during the stage, plus one on arrival of each stage.
  • Medical assistance and rescue during the stages
  • Bike wash point at the end of each stage.
  • SEALIGHT bag to transport your luggage from Cadaqués to Collioure  and viceversa.
  • Possibility to leave your personal luggage in Cadaqués when staying in Collioure
  • Transfer of SEALIGHT bag from town to town
  • Overnight parking for bicycles.

The registration to SEALIGHT – CAMÍ DE LLUM must be done through the menu REGISTRATION in this website, and implies contracting the Participant Pack establishing a personal contract between the participant and the organization. If the participant cannot attend the event, the contract is cancelled and the entry fee is returned to the participant, according to the cancellation policy included in this contract (more info here). The Participant Pack cannot be passed or sold to another person.


The organization establishes solid and liquid feeding station during and at the end of the route. Anyhow, considering the demanding terrain, it is recommended to carry energetic bars of energetic supplements.

Dinner is not included. In Cadaqués and Cotlliure some restaurants offer special menus for the dinner of the cyclists at different prices.

Accommodation is not included in the registration. The participants and possible accompanists must reserve the accommodation by their own. If they wish it, they can use Cycling No Limit Travel.

A complete service of medical assistance is present along SEALIGHT. His mission is to attend fast and efficiently injured participants DURING THE STAGE.

Once the stage is over, the participant who needs medical attention must be attended by the public medical services in the municipality. Participants must have their own cycling license with them, covering medical costs generated in case of accident during the stages. We recommend booking an insurance that covers the rest of costs (disease, injuries appellants, etc.)

The transport of the luggage is included in the registration. The bag cannot weigh more than 15 kg.

SEALIGHT gives great importance to participants accompanying people.

Before the event there will be facilitated to accompanists’ spots where they will be able to wait and encourage their relatives, friends and acquaintances. There will also be information about unique and interesting heritage in Camí de Llum, the territory where SEALIGHT is performed (Cadaqués (Museum Dalí), Natural Area of Cap de Creus, Sant Pere de Rodes, Port de la Selva, Llançà, Colera, Vall de Sant Quirze, Portbou, Natural Area of L’Albera, Cervere, Banyuls, Port-Vendres, Cotlliure.

In addition, special activities will be offer for the accompanists, including a supporter pack with activities.


Registration Sealight

SEALIGHT is open to practitioners of mountain biking with a medium/high fitness level. Participants must be 18 years old from the first day of the event. Participation in SEALIGHT is individual, being always advisable to roll together.

Every participant must accept the general rules and instructions included in the Rules and Regulations of SEALIGHT, available on the official website and follow the directions and orders given by the staff on the organization.

All indications, instructions or other rules contained in the announcement and official information elements of SEALIGHT constitute a contractual obligation for the participant.

Every participant must accept the general rules and instructions included in the Rules and Regulations of SEALIGHT, available on the official website and follow the directions and orders given by the staff on the organization.

All indications, instructions or other rules contained in the announcement and official information elements of SEALIGHT constitute a contractual obligation for the participant.

SEALIGHT’s organization allows the cancellation of one registration within the following periods, with their respective economic conditions:

  • Before August 31st: return of 75 % of the rights of registration*.
  • Between September 1st and October 4th: returns of 50 % of the rights of registration*.
  • From October 5th there is no refund*.

*Important: In case of having contracted and paid optional services from the organization, these will be considered to all the effects and for this matter as “rights of registration” and they are ruled in the same conditions exposed above.

There are no exceptions for medical reasons of injuries or diseases. In these cases, it is possible to postpone the registration to the following year, being this decision to discretion of the organization and with a few special conditions.

The organization can cancel the contractual condition of registration of a participant to SEALIGHT after the beginning of the event in those cases:

  1. Infraction of a procedure and/or an event regulation.
  2. Omission on the part of the participant to observe the organization instructions.
  3. If the participant alters substantially the fulfilment of the bases of registration or his behaviour is not consent to these bases and the regulations.

In these cases, the participant has the right to be refunded only the amount corresponding to the estimation of the services not enjoyed or consumed in the moment to the contract extinction.

In case the organization has not enough participants, he reserves the right to cancel the event. If this circumstance was given, the complete amount of the registration will be refunded. The organization might propose an alternative of another event to the already inscribed participants.

If the event is cancelled by circumstances of major force not attributable to the organization (risk of fire, extreme meteorological conditions, etc.), the participant will not have right to any return of the entry fee or to the compensation of other losses as travel expenses or housing. In that case, the organization is not obliged to organize the event in other dates.

If the participant leaves the event due to a disease or any other motive not attributable to the organizer, or does not use the services included in the registration, the participant will have no right to any proportional return with regard to the contents acquired with the rights of registration, or other optional services also acquired or contracted.

Club Esportiu Bike Catalonia have all the SEALIGHT’s rights. This fact concerns everything that refers to organizational, commercial and image aspects in which it has exclusivity, before, during and after the event. They have therefore legal authority to decide on these matters being able to limit the capacity of action of the participants, as well as of organizations, professionals or companies aliens to the organization, if they think that it goes in opposition to their interests.

By registering in SEALIGHT, a participant gives his assent to the organization in order to use freely all audio-visual materials (photography’s and images) recorded during the event in which he could be recognized, acceding therefore to his publication and spreading both by the organization and by external entities.

The organization is not responsible for foreign persons cycling the route of SEALIGHT, beyond the event.

The compensatory claims carried out against the organizer, indistinctly which is the motive, are excluded. This will not be applied if the organizer, his legal representatives or his assistants have acted with intention or with vulgar negligence in the execution of his responsibilities or if the organizer is due considered to be a person in charge due to justifiable resultant hurts of injuries against the life, body or health of a person or the infraction of essential commitments.

Once realized and confirmed the registration, the participant agrees that he has read, knows and understands the procedure and the particular regulation of the event and he will respect it. He makes clear expressly with his/her signature that he takes part in this event under his own risk and that he is insured in case of accident or civil responsibility.

In the same way, he does not present any health problems incompatible with participating in the event.

He accepts that the organization could use his personal information including the email address facilitated to SEALIGHT’s to send more information relative to the event, including information about collaborators and sponsors.

Any claim of the participant to the organizer, without considering the area and juridical procedures, is subject to the statute of limitation of one year after the end of the celebration of the event. The legal and contractual relation between the participant and Club Esportiu Bike Catalonia will be entirely subject to the Spanish law. The place of jurisdiction is Girona (Catalonia).